The Virginia EP


The Virginia EP

The Virginia EP


The Virginia EP. Released 20 May 2008.


  • 01. You've Done it Again, Virginia3:09
  • 02. Santa Clara4:05
  • 03. Blank Slate3:15
  • 04. Tall Saint3:44
  • 05. Without Permission (Caroline Martin)3:37
  • 06. Forever After Days (Demo)3:01
  • 07. Rest of Years (Demo)3:40
  • 08. Slow Show (Demo)3:28
  • 09. Lucky You (Daytrotter Session)3:56
  • 10. Mansion on the Hill (live) - Bruce Springsteen4:38
  • 11. Fake Empire (live)3:41
  • 12. About Today (live)8:25



Beggars Banquet Records BBQ DVD/CD 260-9. Released 20 May 2008.

Disc one (DVD) of the physical release contains the film "A SKIN, A NIGHT" filmed and directed by Vincent Moon.

Edited by Benoit Sauvage and Vincent Moon

Produced by Vincent Moon and Alexandre Perrier For KIDAM

Sound recording: Vincent Moon, Sound editor: Vincent Moon

Sound mix: Vivien Mergot, Live sound engineering: Brandon Reid